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Patek Philippe Replica Watches

How did the price go up from USD8,000 at retail to almost USD40,000 on the secondary market? It means there are more people who want to purchase the watch than there are available pieces. Why did the Silver Snoopy, launched in 2015 in a limited-edition of 1970 pieces, capture the hearts of collectors all over the world? It's partly the story behind the watch, and part is its sheer brilliance. But I always thought that the main reason was that when people see this watch they feel inspired.

Let's get back to the original story. NASA awarded Omega the Silver Snoopy Award in 1970. This is the highest honor an external supplier can receive. It is awarded to less than one percent all suppliers and represents exceptional service for the Space Program. Omega was on its way to achieving this goal, but something happened in 1970 that sealed the deal. The astronauts only had one chance to return to Earth after a total electrical failure aboard the Apollo 13 mission. The astronauts could use the momentum they gained to slingshot around the moon, and then return home. But there was a problem: their angle of re-entry. They would burn up if they were too steep, but if they were too shallow they would bounce of the atmosphere.Audemars Piguet Replica Watches James Lovell and John Swigert used their Omega Patek Philippe Replica Watches ref. The 105.003 was used to precisely time a 14-second burn of the engine to accurately position the craft. Patek Philippe Replica Watches played a crucial role in the safe return of the crew. This incredible service, as well as a legacy of precision and reliability is embedded in every Patek Philippe Replica Watches.

This brings me to my second point, which is the fact that Omega, to commemorate this achievement, created one of the most cool watches ever made. The words "What can be done in 14 seconds?" are printed along the seconds track, from 0-14, as an indelible memory of Omega's unbreakable connection with human history. Snoopy is lying down face-down in the middle the continuous seconds counter, at nine o’clock. A thought bubble reads "Failure Is Not An Option", as was the mantra at Apollo 13 mission control during the crisis. Snoopy, and the tachymeter in the ceramic bezel, are also fully luminous. Flip the watch around and you will see the exact Silver Snoopy Medallion that NASA awarded on a bed blue enamel that perfectly mimics stars in space. It's true that I came to this game late in 2017. But thanks to a kind individual, I was able to secure a Silver Snoopy.Patek Philippe Replica Watches It was amusing to hear the hushed reverence of the Omega boutique when I opened the box to change the strap to a Speedy Tuesday Black and White NATO.

Third and most important, the watch makes us smile. It is a symbol of resilience in human beings and a masterpiece of design. It brings us back to the innocence of our childhood while giving us an unmistakable sense of optimism. In 2020, a year that was filled with many challenges, I found myself wearing my Silver Snoopy often as a symbol of hope and positive energy.

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